Pierre Andries Tendean

Pierre Andries Tendean was born in Batavia on February 21st , 1939 at Centrale Burgelijke Ziekenhuis (RS Cipto Mangunkusumo). He was the only son of A.L. Tendean from Minahasa and mother Cornet M.E. of Dutch descent. He had an older sister, Mitzi Farre, and a younger sister, Rooswidiati. Tendean’s father was a doctor assigned to hospitals in Jakarta, Tasikmalaya, Cisarua, Magelang and Semarang. Tendean attended primary school in Magelang and middle school and secondary school in Semarang. His ambition after completing school was to attend the National Military Academy ( Akademi Militer Nasional). Despite the fact his parents wanted him to become a doctor like his father or an engineer, Tendean entered the Army Engineering Academy ( Akademi Teknik Angkatan Darat (ATEKAD) in 1958.


Tendean received battlefield experience while still at the academy when he was sent to West Sumatra with his fellow cadets in a military operation called “Sapta Marga”. At the time, Tendean was a Corporal assigned to the Army Engineering Corps ( Zeni Tempur). In 1962, Tendean graduated from ATEKAD and was promoted to the rank Second Lieutenant ( Letnan Dua (Letda) Czi). His first posting was as Platoon Commander of the Engineering Corps 2nd Battalion in the Second Regional Military Command in Medan.



The following year, Tendean received intelligence training in Bogor and was subsequently posted to the Army Central Intelligence Service ( Dinas Pusat Intelijen Angkatan Darat (DIPIAD)). On April 15th 1965, Tendean was promoted to First Lieutenant (Letnan Satu (Lettu)) and assigned as personal aide to General Abdul Haris Nasution.


The housing complex where Tendean resided


Nasution’s house

In the early hours of October 1st 1965, the presidential bodyguard unit Tjakrabirawa arrived at Nasution’s house planning to kidnap him. Shots fired awoke Tendean, who resided at the general’s housing complex. Claiming to be Nasution, he was then seized by the unit. Nasution himself managed to escape during the incident. Tendean was taken to Lubang Buaya along with six other high-ranking army officers. He was summary executed along with the six officers and their bodies were dumped in a disused well. Tendean was 26.


Tendean’s letter to his parents


His belongings at Museum Pengkhianatan PKI

Pierre Andries Tendean was designated a national hero (Pahlawan Revolusi) for his dedication to duty on October 5th 1965, by President Sukarno. He was posthumously promoted to the rank of Captain ( Kapten Czi Anumerta) and his remains were buried in the Kalibata National Memorial Cemetery ( Taman Makam Pahlawan Kalibata).



  • Masykuri (1983). Pierre Tendean. Jakarta: Proyek Inventarisasi dan Dokumentasi Sejarah Nasional, Direktorat Sejarah dan Nilai Tradisional, Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan. (Indonesian)

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